ChiTuBox for making supports

Hey guys
anybody here already used the new ChiTuBox for making supports?
Its really looks powerful! i think i gonna try, but just want the comunity opinion

it has its issues but it’s a great piece of software. A bit sluggish but the support creation is really good. A lot of people use it.

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yeah it is what I use too

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i kida likeit…hows the major issue for you? how software you use?

I just started dabbling with it. it’s shows great promise.
On Mac it’s the smoothest and most navigable software of its kind so far.

not remotely sluggish for me. it’s the most smooth and fast I’ve used out of many options to try and add support.

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it becomes incredibly slow with relatively complex models

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They may have fixed this at some point then, because I use ChiTuBox with models that have hundreds of thousands of faces and it doesn’t even stutter.

Hi! Does anyone had a similar problem? I was trying to support with Chitubox, then sliced with Asura. Moai printed the bases of supports fine, but most supports laminated from the base (not all though)…
2nd attempt I made the bases bigger, but same result.
When I make supports with Asura similar prints working fine.
Peopoly model resin, laser:58

Do you mean that the supports de-laminated from the base? One thing that Asura does that Chitubox does not it that is over-exposes the supports to make sure they stick and are strong. If you create the supports in other software and then slice in Asura, Asura exposes all layers as if they are model layers, so that might be explain the difference you are seeing.

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Thanks, that can be the cause.
However I used to save objects supported in Asura in .stl so I can print them later. Those are printing well also.