Check your Z-axis screws for build plate arm

When installing, we now recommend checking to see these eight screws locking the build plate arm are secured. The screws may have become loose during shipment:

If you have already built Moai and adjusted these screws after leveling, you may need to level again since these screws affect the angle of the build plate.

If your vat is not flat compared to the platform yet you can print, it is possible the build plate arm screws are not secured such that it creates an angle on the build plate and affect the vat when leveling.

I can confirm that two of my screws were definitely loose (printer already assembled).

tighten and recommend relevel

most of my screws were loose in that area. they were tightened at the appropriate step and before leveling. I saw to check them in the assembly manual

added the check to manual

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Hi one of the screws was missing but all the other were tight, is that okay or do I need an 8th screw?

You should take a picture of what you are referring to.

it is useable but it still would be best to have all 8. it is m3-6 screws and we usually leave extra

and if you cannot find any, take one off from the power board (small pcb board)