Changing Laser Power V1.18

When I attempt to change Laser Power setting on my Moai to accommodate a new resin it reverts back to the default of 58. Because there does not seem to be a way to exit the setup screen, I change the laser power setting and then turn the Moai off/on. if I look at what is stored in the setup, it has changed back to the default 58 again. I am trying to get PhotoCentric resin to print. What am I missing? Maybe bad firmware upgrade? I ran out of Peopoly Resin so I tried to print with PhotoCentric Clear Hard resin, but nothing printed at all.

Double Tap to go back in the menus. Should help you a bit.

Should be something like:
Tap on laser power
Turn to desired level
Tap again to set
Double tap to go up a menu
Double tap to go back to main screen

Wow, now I feel pretty dense! I have had the Moai for well over a year and did not know about the double tap. I have never had the need to change anything, the Moai printed everything i tried, but with Peopoly Resin. When i ran out i had the PhotoCentric resin sitting there and that is where the problems began. Thanks for the information, I should be able to dial in the new resin now.

I think I found out about it from reading the forums anyway, I imagine it’s somewhere in the instructions but probably easy to miss.