Change Support in STL

I have prepared a design for printing in Asura incl. support and saved it as STL. After printing I want to make a small change in the support. How to do this without having to start all over again?

You can save the Asura project file while you’re working on it and most of the time it will open back up again with supports. You can then delete or add individual supports.
If you didn’t do this and only exported .stl it should have hard baked the supports as geometry to the original file. (Hopefully you didn’t overwrite your source file) you now need to open your .stl in an editor and manually adjust the mesh and re-save as a .stl file.

Thanks. I fully understand however in the source file I click the supports button, select delete, the cursor shows a red ‘-’ but I’m not able to select one of the supports and delete it. Same thing with holes.

to delete holes right click on the hole created, no buttons needed
for the support delete, i suggest close and reopen Asura, or reboot your PC, that should solve it

I’m using an Apple MacBook Pro. I have restarted my labtop but I can still not select individual supports.

things can be quite buggy when it comes to Mac/OSX
what is your Asura version?

I have Version 2.2.4.

Try re-download Asura, i’ll also have this report back to the Dev team