Carbon Resins - work in Moai?


I just found that carbon3d is offering a range of photopolymer resin materials.

Will these resins work in Moai?

The properties of the resins seem to be amazing, but I have never come across anyone actually using these.


From what I have read about Carbon printers the answer is no. Carbon printers use a proprietary process called clip that combines light and oxygen at metered levels.

CLIP – C ontinuous L iquid I nterface P roduction

Carbon Clip is a photochemical process using both light and oxygen to build parts. CLIP works by projecting UV images generated by a digital light projector, through an oxygen-permeable window in a reservoir of UV curable resin.


one thing we learnd about Carbon resin from their scientist is that it is not a simple straight UV resin. It is what we called A B UV resin, meaning 2 resins were mixed before curing and once the resin is mixed, it will cure itself even without UV light. As you can imagine, that would be a problem for almost most if not all UV resin printer.