Can't use Asura - Registration failing and not response from Manual Registration - Other software options to use?

Anyone have any other recommended software to use with Moai? I’ve tried registering all three available versions and same error. Try manual registration 3 times on each version, no response. I need to print for a project and now I’m stuck with no way to prep models.

Any suggestions on other software that will actually let you use it?

Cura has a Moai profile built into it these days, haven’t messed with it much but it works.

There is also formware 3d which has a moai profile. Expensive but a free trial if you want to try it. Search on the forums and you’ll find out a bit more about it.

Thanks for the reply. I did hear back from Peopoly and got Asura registered. During the time waiting for the registration, I downloaded formware 3d and I have to say, I think I’m just going to get a license. It has a lot more features. I’ll probably give Asura a try as well. Thanks!