Can't register Asura3D


Been trying to register Asura3D on and off now for a few weeks. Every time I fill out the fields and click send I get “Sending Failed! Please recheck your internet connection & Try again!”

Running V1.5, anyone any ideas?



It’s not working right! (sorry i could not resist)

Had the same problem then one day it worked ???

see if you can clear the directory and re download the again

Ok, will try that.



Same issue. Two different internet connections. Have tried turning off firewall. Not sure what clearing directory means above?

and this, kids, is why you don’t put registration walls into your programs.

something is blocking the email request from Asura. sometimes Windows automatically puts outbound restrictions on downloaded program

I disabled the firewall in case this was the issue…to no avail! Is there something else that needs changing?

I am unable to register also, Asura says request has been sent but no email ever comes. Also I am unable to reach Any thoughts on how I can use the software?

please email support guys, we have a workaround in 2.1.1 there is a manual registration option now @Will_Kostelecky @jershanlon

Hi, i have just downloaded Asura and cannot register either. When i tried to register manually it asks me to export request file, i cannot find that file.