Cannot level bed after motor replacement


I am having an issue getting the bed level after replacing the vat motor. After running the leveling peg gcode (included with the printer), the two left pins print fine. However, the right two (front and back) do not print at all. I’ve tried both raising and lowering the vat leveling screws all the way along with some intermediate positions.


Settings below (Nex Clear Resin):

X Size: 900
Y Size: 900
X Dev: 100
Y Dev: 100
Smooth 107
Z moto speed: 1
PM Moto Speed: 7
Laser Power 54
XY Speed Set: 4
Z Reset: 2570
PM Reset: 60
Z Follow: 2
Compensate X: 100
Compensate Y: 195
Z Initial: 2
PM Initial: 10

Are you using Moai 200?
What happened to your previous PM motor?
In your leveling with the screws, the tip is to do a portion of the turns needed (example : if you need extra 0.6mm, do a half turn and check the leveling again) since it affects the whole vat instead of 1 area
Or instead, level your vat to the frame of the Moai and re-do your leveling

Moai 200, per-assemblled not kit.

The motor screw sheared off and broke completely, thus needing replacement. Regardless of screw position, the two on the left print fine (though not always at the correct height) and the ones on the right print not at all. Are you saying that the best option is just to mess with the screws, waiting 45 min between each iteration until it works?

How do I manually level the vat to the frame?

to get the vat frame to level with the Moai frame
take a leveling ruler( or smart phone leveling app) and adjust the leveling screws

I leveled the vat successfully (needed to add washers underneath the screw that attache the vat to the frame) in reference to the build platform. Still not getting successful prints however. I’m guessing the distance/pressure between the platform and the vat surface is either too high or too low. Is there a way to do that manually besides trying to raising/lower all 4 screws the same amount, running the print, and checking if it worked?

leveling the vat to the frame is just to get it back to base 0, you need to start relevel from there
the aim is to level the vat to the build plate

I’ve been working on this for weeks and cannot re-level the vat. The two right leveling pegs still do not print.

Can you recommend is there anything else to check to figure out why its so out of level in the first place.

if you have the tools, this will be a much superior leveling method, recommended by another user on FB: