Can you drink from a printed cup?

If you print a cup can you drink from it without getting poisoned?

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I wouldn’t, no. In theory if it’s well cured, well cleaned, and sealed with a food grade top coat… But unless you use a food grade resin (I don’t know of any) you’re taking a huge risk

That said, there’s castable resins you can use to make a mold, then use the mold to cast food grade materials

as @ShadowDrakken said, the resin may be safe to handle after cured, but it’s not food safe, even after coating it i would not recommend it
food safe material for printing exist for FDM printers, as far as i know

Ohh Glad to know about it.

Pick the correct material for the item being printed. Utilizing PLA for your espresso mug might be nourishment safe, however the plastic is unreasonably delicate for hot beverages and could dissolve in a dishwasher. ABS may settle on a more grounded decision for the cup, yet it’s not confirmed nourishment safe and has synthetic compounds that are possibly dangerous to ingest.

Thanks for the advise!