Can someone help me?


After reading the STL file in my slicer (Chitubox) and after saving the file cbddlp on the stick, I can not start the file on the printer (Peopoly Phenom).

It comes immet an error message, and I’m not sure what could be there …!
Maybe I’ve made a wrong attitude?

This error message is always dan.

What printer are you using?
You should be printing a .gcode file not a chitibox project file.
Also the moai uses a laser not a projector. Try and export a sliced gcode file and make sure your printer profile matches your actual printer bed size etc.

So have the new Peopoly Phenom 276 × 155 × 400mm. I also got the stick included where Chitubox was on it allso the program should also fit the printer if it is already supplied by the company with the printer.


Ah, don’t know anything about the phenom. But…I assume it still wants a .gcode file for printing.

Gimungus, no it doesn’t, it’s an MSLA. Gcode would be useless.

Hi Shadow Trakken,
If you could help me we could save the file properly I would be glad.

I save you off and on the stick. Then I put the stick in the printer. But if I want to start the print is always this message.


In your first post the second screenshot shows that X and Y resolution are interchanged. The X axis is the wide side with 276 mm, so you should have X: 2560 px and Y: 1440 px.


If you are printing with the phenom. your settings are incorrect for the resolution and build volume / size…

Can you please check your settings and change them to match this screenshot and try again please