Can I list my Peopoly Resin for sale here? Fixed error

I over purchased Peopoly Gray resin back in December. I won’t be able to use all of it. I have 4 L for sale (8 500ml containers). I’d like to get $160 + shipping (US only).

Fixed Error

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but you’re charging more than Matterhackers or Peopoly themselves? Is this because they’re out of stock?

Again, I could be comparing different products, but I see Peopoly selling grey resin at $60 a Liter and Matterhackers for $75… Even with sales tax its essentially the same price. $320something

Yes, sorry, I made a mistake. I would like $160 + shipping for the 4L. I can ship all 4 L in one box.

$40/L if I can sell all 4 L. They are new in box, never opened. I can supply pictures.

Oh Ho! In that case count me in bra. I’d like to buy all of them plzyesthankyou

IM Sent. Give me a call and we can arrange payment and shipping

Sold. Thanks KuriosDrachen.