Can I import Cura profiles in to Asura?


Asura has the distortion correction, but Cura does not.

Cura has the ability to customize profiles, Asura does not.

Can I bring my Cura profile into Asura so that I can have the proper distortion correction?




export the file as STL, then jumping back and fort between the 2 won’t be a problem



Nooooo. That’s not really a solution to the question that was asked.

I asked this a while back, too, and also never got a satisfactory answer. In my case, for example, I wanted to slow down the laser speed in my profile, but still use Asura. There does not appear to be a method to do this in Asura. Is there a way to create a custom profile in Cura that has the desired setting, and then import it for use in Asura?

If the answer is yes: Please explain how it is done.
If the answer is no: please get on that, so that the answer can be yes.



It’s not the STL, it’s the gcode from Asura what I want in the end. I just want to be able to use the settings I’ve created in Cura to actually have a successful print. Asura’s profiles will not print my file with the resin I need, but it does fix the distortion issues.



I am hoping that this question doesn’t stop here…

It is really a very valid and important question as all the effort into distortion correction and calibrating the machine relies on Asura’s gcode.