Calibration without goggles


New owner of a Moai 130, but safety goggles were not included in my kit. Is there a way to safely go through the calibration without goggles?

If not, does anyone have a suggestion for brick and mortar stores in the US that sell the type of goggles that are needed? Spent hours looking at hardware/department stores and the like with no luck. Would prefer to pick it up as opposed to ordering online and waiting several days while the machine sits here staring at me fully built and ready to go.



Maybe skip the calibration circle check and be extra careful to keep the laser from your eyes? UV goggles are available for next day shipping on amazon. These are $8 and free next day shipping if you’ve got prime

Check hobby shops maybe?



Harbor Freight welding helmet? Sounds dumb but your looking for ultra protection and a welding helmet or lenses should suffice.



safety goggles must always be included no matter which kit you buy, you can either buy it as @kelemvor suggested or email



Thank you for taking the time to respond everyone, much appreciated. Definitely rather be safe than sorry in this case. @peopolysupport, I’ll send an email right away.