Calibration when deviating from center of vat


Recently had some problems with my moai that resulted in needing to replace galvo and power boards. Printer is back up and running.

I have been trying to dial in the calibration again but am having trouble. In the past I have used the x size and y size adjustments in the settings menu to dial in the final size. I cannot use the distortion compensation is asura because I print with a 3rd party resin (Nextdent ortho clear) and it requires a different first layer cure time which cannot be adjusted in asura, so I am using Cura 3.5.

Printing a calibration cube in the center of the vat (with x & y size at default 900 value) I get:
X: 19.95mm
Y: 20.50mm

Printed slightly off center towards the left part of the vat I get:
X: 19.95mm
Y: 19.84mm

Screenshot of my cura layout.

Before changing my galvos I had no problems with calibration throughout the build plate, but now over .7mm of change with the cube just off center.



first, let’s run the 2 galvo test files, record the results if you can, we will start with the galvo first