Calibration problem


I realized when I do advanced calibration (circle test) I can’t get perfect circle with ma laser , that’s why my ABCD corner tests coming out yo-yo shape as well , I printed 20mm by 20mm cube and I have perfec 20 mm each side , even that I am getting yo-yo shape ABCD corner test , I replace new galvos already and still can’t use this printer,


I just printed A,B,C,D corner and A and C are yo-yo shape and B and D are Round , I understand all corners to be round or yo-yo shape so this way my X or Y direction will be off , but how’s possible two corners are round witch other not , doesn’t make sence to me…


My leveling is perfect all 10.8mm


By “yo-yo” shape do you mean consistent oval cross-section or different diameter round cross-sections throughout the z height with a “waist” in the middle?



Different diameter, as you can see on picture


It looks from the picture that the top where the “C” is has gone oval but the raft / skirt at the bottom is round? Is that an illusion?

If that’s the case, there must be movement from peeling that’s causing the distortion. Are you using the currently recommended settings for PM etc?



here is the better picture , there is good connection so it is not the case , i have recommended settings, yes it was just illusion , let me send drawing picture what i am talking about exactly , for me doesn’t make sense , please let me know what you think



As you can see A and B is off on y direction, C is off on x direction, and D is kind of ok, , to me it should off ether X or y direction, but not every corner is off on different direction


That is truly strange. Hopefully @peopoly will weigh in.



Here is another drowning for better explanation , A and C corners which are in front of the printer are little too small and the ones on back B and D are too big on X direction , they should be 6mm , how come there is one laser and I am getting two different results , I should get ether too big or too small on each corner so I could adjust the size of the laser , but in this case , I don’t know what to do , Does it has to do something with the center maybe? , does my g code ( cross center) has to be exactly in the center ?


I have everything perfected and this is only last problem, but iam really clueless what that could be


Did you Print with the Protectionglass over the Laser?
Occur this with another VAT too?


If the galvos didn’t change the situation just for kicks and to rule out one more thing. Put the vat in backwards and see if that changes anything.

Pretty much the same as @Dissignator asked.


Did you have changed the Boards too?


Yes I have changed everything, peopoly sent me new galvos and bords , yes it Is happening with all vats , I have tried 2 different ones, yes I am using protecting glass for the laser,


Next print I will put vat backward and remove protective glass and , let’s what’s gonna happen