Calibration problem Y axis



I printed calibration cube, The Y-axis prints larger.

I’ve prepared a visual that explains the situation.

Slice on asura3D.

Thank you to everyone who helped.


adjust the y size screw, follow the advance calibration:


I’ve turned the Y dimension screw a little, but I didn’t dare turn it any further.
Too little to turn the screw in the document.


i don’t get what you meant there
does this happen after the advance calibration?
if not how is the result?


I recalibrated my moai.

  1. Update firmware 1.14 to 1.18
  2. Recheck cross-center.gcode > OK
  3. I did the adjustment with the X and Y galvo drive screws and re-check moai-adv-calib.gcode > OK
  4. Recheck DIY-test.gcode > OK

Resin : peopoly clear resin

20x20x20 calibration cube slice on Asura 100um :

X 19.75 Y: 20.75 Z:19.75

20x20x20 calibration cube slice on cura 3.6 100um:

X:19.75 Y:19:75 Z:19.75

Why is this difference between Asura and Cura?

I did not change any settings in Asura.

asura1 asura2

I want to use Asura, but how can I solve this difference?



My current settings.

a1 a2


hi, this type of distortion will need to be adjusted in Asura.

the distortion calibration for Moai works like this:

  1. use what you did here (adjust galvo, not the firmware) to get as close to the circle as you could
  2. then use
    calibration to get even closer

this is critical step for users who need high precision as there are always some inherent distortion in a laser galvo system no matter how well one adjust the hardware. The Asura software takes care of the distortion that cannot be removed using hardware only approach


I am also doing adjustments in Asura.

I am horrible at math.
So here is the formula given: 61 + (62-61)/2 = 61.5

That works for when your measurement is over what is supposed to be.
What is the formula for when you are below what is supposed to be?

Also what is the formula for the -x and -y?
Is it something like -x + (measurement - (-x))/2 = ?

Ideally I would like to see the formulas for being over and under on the +x -x +y -y.

I zbrush things. Math isn’t what I’m good at.


For - x and -y
Just do the regular formula and just put - sign on the result :slight_smile:
61+(62-61)/2=61.5 then just put -61.5

Other question if you have let us say 60.1 measured
61+(60.1-61)/2 = 61+(-0.9)/2=61-0.45=60.55


Thanks Martin, I’ll try that out.


Thank you for the information you provided.

I did not change the firmware settings. I’ve just re-adjusted the galvo. it can draw circles near perfect.

Instead of using the Asura program, I create support with the formware3d program. I slice and print with Cura. That’s how I got the best result.

Because it was hard for me to set up the Asura program.