Calculation of print costs


I have lately been getting lot of orders for printing since i am the only one in my locality having an SLA printer. I also printed some orders too but i think i am not pricing them properly. All i do is calculate the volume and multiply with resin cost.
I know there must be a more detailed pricing but after searching for it in the internet I still think its not perfect.
Since most of you print for clients here, what kind of pricing you have? How do i get to that price?
@peopoly what are the power specification of moai (assume standard settings with grey peoresin), as in how many unnits of power does it consume if run continuously for one hour?

Suggestion to Printer FW

You can find the power consumption here:

it is not exact but should gives you pretty good reference.


Its just the power input, dont you have any values for units consumed per hour?


This might post might help.


Thanks @Lyndondr, this will help me with power costs.