Buildplate (old version) no centered

by wanting to print the cross for calibration asura, I realized that it was not centered on the buildplate and the arm x+ was almost overflowing (he took off).
So I used the calibration paper with circles and lowered the buildplate (old model) on it to check its position on the pdms VAT.
the tray is not centered at all and it is too advanced towards the door from 4 to 5 mm …
and yet it is well fitted in the z-axis arm.

what’s the problem whith the buildplate position…?

if it’s off centered, follow the advanced calibration:

Is it a joke? Did you read my question??:rage:
I don’t talk about laser not centered on the VAT.
BUT buildplate not centered with the VAT… Of course my laser is centered on VAT with this calibration!

maybe a picture would help to understand if the misalignment is still within acceptable tolerances

what is not clear?..Capture

if the laser is within the built plate and the print quality is good, it doesn’t matter where the plate ends up inside the vat, but a picture can help evaluate if it’s within acceptable tolerances. “what is not clear?..”

Great! Thanks a lot! I never thought about that! Did you say I’m stupid?
Read first post. The print (asura cross) isn’t in the buildplate.

you said that

so I figured it was still inside the buildplate (“almost”). of course if it’s actually overflowing that’s not so good. you can still print if you don’t plan on having very large models.

otherwise you can re-position the galvo, the link that you dismissed from @peopolysupport actually shows you how. but I don’t suggest you to do that, bad things could happen.

MY standard build plate is a little off too, but the galvo test is in the center , everything leveled and aligned ,
Asura distortion correction dialed in .
I would never start this again :slight_smile:

Yes the room overflows, moreover it has partially not stick because of that. Your proposal does not solve my problem. I want to solve this buildplate shift. I paid for a 130x130 printer not 125x125

Is this a pre-built printer or did you build it yourself?

Start with making sure the frame is squared up and not twisted. Next, check the mounting bolts that hold the build plate arm to the Z-axis trolley. Finally, which build plate and vat are you using?

And, lastly, be polite. This is a public forum with a lot of collective experience with this machine. Belligerence is not rewarded.

I wasn’t polite? Where? …
It is a built by myself print… For your information, I’m a mechanical expert. Of course the print frame is OK and screws all screws checked. Asura calibration cross is not inside the buildplate…

To be fair, the link that peopoly support posted was correct.

You need to adjust your galvos as per the advanced guide they sent you a link to. Have you followed that guide? Mine wasn’t centred and that fixed it.

You then have to use Astra calibration to bring it in to the correct size

thank you guys for all the help.
@bilin i’m really sorry that i couldn’t fully understand the problem you are having, without any pictures or videos, we can only guess what is going on
thankfully, the comments later on give more information for me to undertand the problem:

There is just one more information i need you to provide in order to speed up the solving process:
DIY-test results: peg A,B,C,D (best to be 10.8 mm)

the Asura cross print is the check distortion only, you only print it after the vat is leveled and the laser is centered.

Moreover, i get that you are a mechanical expert, and you are not alone, we all encountered problems from time to time, so please be open for guidance and suggestions from experienced users like @Paradoxical_Cat and @matt3o, they have been helping us out alot

Pegs between 10.68 and 10.72.
Galvo centered with VAT but not with buildplate because buildplate not center with VAT… :rage: clear?

this doen’t mean that the buildplate is not center with the vat, it just mean that your X+ side value is high, follow step 5 in section Custom Calibration Profile to adjust it:[]=asura

Also, 10.68 and 10.72 is quite a lot, try to make them have 0.01~0.02 difference

Look first picture here with position of the buildplate in red with the VAT paper (delta 4-5 mm)…leveling is good enough that not the problem here… :rage:
Center of the buildplate shifted with 5mm of the center of the cross paper in the VAT which is the center of galvos. Difficult to be understood?

How about that.
I had 1 vat that had pretty noticeable play in the vat holder.
Just check if you press the vat if it moves , if so you can try tighten the screws on the side of the vat and also if needed to ship the vat in order to have close to zero play between the vat and the vat holder .

PS It is hard to call your writing style , polite anyway :wink:

no there is almost no play in the VAT or in the buildplate.
I’m actually rather angry because most people ,who say they are proudly experts, do not understand anything and propose absurd solutions, peopoly support too. there are reasons to loose his temper.
the only solution ,since visibly it is a design defect between the builplate and the vat, is to make a new calibration paper shifted 5 mm to the door and then to center again the galvos. but nobody talks about it…

you did not understand the problem visibly. but thank you for taking part …