Building plate dimensions

is it possible to obtain the exact dimensions and specifications of the MOAI 200 building plate?
This one in particular:

that is the standard build plate for moai 130, the dimension is 130x130mm
the Moai 200 build plate is a different model, 200x200mm

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it is very useful :rofl: thanks peopoly :clap:

Thank you for your answer, do you know the thickness?

Hi Alice,
the original building plate with the holes has got a thickness of 6,0 mm. Hope that helps. What are you planning to do?

Thank you. I am trying to build a smaller vat in order to print bio-based products and hence a smaller building plate.

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A test vat/bed sounds interesting. If your project is not private please do make a thread about it so we can read about your work and/or your test setup.

I would also see and hear about your project :grinning::+1:

Thank you for your interest, hopefully I will be able to give you info when we will be allowed to get back into lab.

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