Build Plate wont move

I cant post a video cause it wont take the file but my printer has been working fine and in the middle of a print it started making a grinding sound. I stop the print and took off the build plate and now the build plate wont even move. The motor at the base doesent turn it just grinds.

Hello, I am sorry to hear your question. Please provide the equipment order number (switch position in the lower right corner of the equipment) or order number, and reply by email, so that the peopoly technical team can provide you with timely help.

Hi @Gear45sky,
Where did you purchase the Moai? is it the Moai 130 or 200?
When you reboot the Moai, does the build plate move at all or just grind at that place.
A video would help a lot. If you can’t post it directly here, you can send the link to that video, Google drive for example.