Build plate won't lower, screen has died

I installed a new vat. Removed some cables so I could get at the screws to level it.
Put the cables back in.

Now the plate won’t lower into the vat at all. I’ve checked the wires to make sure they’re in the right spot and for damage 10 times, no issue.

When I turn the printer on it makes a sound like it wants to move the plate but nothing happens, the vat tips slightly as normal.

After trying to lower the plate a bunch of times, now my screen has stopped working as well! I need help!

Most likely that you damaged the circuit board during the process
Try to use a multimetter and check the pins and connections to see if they are all working


I circled in red the only spot I thought I could have messed up plugging the cables back in. I tried switching between them and I’m guessing that might have fried my display screen?

Anyways, the plate still won’t move up or down not sure why that became a sudden issue.

Where you circled, the lower port is for the z motor, right now it’s missing, so the build plate won’t move.
If you have the z cable plugged in and the build plate moves but the screen won’t turn on, you would need to purchase a replacement. If not, your main board is most likely fried from switching cables.
Please refer to the following diagram:

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Yes it works great now thanks!

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