Build plate trying to get down over and over


I’m Bertrand and sorry for my english I’m french.

I m trying to do the test print on a new Peopoly Phenom XXL.

I have done the bed leveling with paper and save the new zero point, it seems ok but now i m trying to print, the build plate gone all the way down, and still trying to go down… the axe made a lot of noise boing boing boing… so i press stop…

i leveled up the build plate and saved a new zero at 10 centimeters higher to do a test. And when i press print, buildplate gone all the way down and not 10 centimeters higher axe boing boing boing . Press stop again.

So now what i have to do ? Take out buildplate, take out VAT, cleaning all and redo leveling Process ?

I would like to be sure before doing anything else.


Hi @Bertrand, I recommend recording the whole process. Videos and pictures contain a lot more than a person can describe.
If it’s the sound that you are wondering, try to get it as clear as possible

The platform has been leveled before leaving the factory, and most of them do not need to be leveled. Please follow the instruction manual for printing test.

If you need help urgently, please contact us by email

Thanks a lot here is the vidéo.

To me it s look like the machine does not save the zero point when you give it to her.

I had follow the instruction manuel in first and that happened.

Have you re-done the bed leveling process or anything since it became an issue? Might be your z end stop doesn’t work or isn’t in the right place.

Thanks a lot you are right, it comes from the Z end stop. If i move down the buildplate and put something inside it don’t stop.
I will do my report to my boss and he will contact our seller next week (he is on Hollidays :sweat_smile:).
Thanks every body

You can no longer adjust the starting position during test printing. Please perform platform leveling before starting printing. This is the leveling manual

I have done the plateform leveling in first with the manual and before to record the video, and then i had the problem. I don’t want to redo it again if the problem come from the Z end stop, i have got eleven other machine and a lot of things to do, i can’t spend more time on that. I will wash the machine, Monday somone will come and before to contact our seller, he will redo the plateform leveling one time. That’s the best i can propose.

ok, it is best to reply by email, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, thank you for your understanding and support