Build plate starts in the air


Fellow Moaians -

I’m new to the Moai, just a few prints under my belt. Today I tried a file from Thingverse and the print starts with the build plate a few inches above the vat. The Moai goes through the its start up and dips the plate into the vat but then it raises a few inches into the air before turning the last on.

I processed the model with Meshmixer where I scaled it down, then hollowed it out and created supports before moving it to Cura. The supports look like they are on the build plate and I don’t see an obvious Z-offset that would explain why the plate rises at the start of the print.



hi Phi

Can you share your Cura version and profile you used? Are you using OSX as your operating system?


OSX and I am using Cura 2.6.2 that I downloaded from the Peopoly site.



do you run the osx fix

for the gcode?


Yes I did. If you don’t then nothing prints


still having problem?

to recap, the gcode from us prints but not ones you slicerd?


I had the same problem. Replaced everything–including the system board–but the problem would unpredictably return. Oddest thing was that (regardless of what model was to be printed) the air-print always tried to print the same thing: the 4-Moais test print …even if that file had been deleted from the SD card. To make a long-story short, reformatting that SD card didn’t help, but throwing it away did. I can’t positively isolate the problem to the SD card, but I haven’t air-printed since I threw that particular SD card away (and it was the original one).


Fake SD cards (bogus controllers, bogus memory, or both) are a common problem, even from legitimate suppliers. Unfortunately, it sounds like you got one.


this is the best practice

what @Paradoxical_Cat described was the ugly truth of SD card market. The only way to be sure it is truly OEM card is buying from the original maker’s direct store. Even we will admit we are not sure if the card we get is truly authentic but we know this supplier provider more reliable cards than the very first batch we sourced when Moai launched.