Build Plate Crashing (End Stop Sensor Damaged?)

So I’ve been having issues with the build plate crashing into the vat (it clearly is not knowing when to stop) which immediately seems like an end stop sensor issue. (Yes I did what I could with the wiring, it’s secureIy plugged in and theres no visible damage with the wire but that could very well be the cause.) I had HOPED that by getting the heavy duty z axis that that would fix this issue, but alas, immediately upon turning on the printer it crashed UPWARDS, DAMAGING the port where the end stop sensor is connected. I’m just about at my wits end at this point. Turning on my printer just makes the build plate go up as well so I can’t even separate it from the port bar. Does anyone have any advice on this?

From the beginning you have misunderstood the problem, or i might be wrong since the information you are giving is very limited
The build plate does not have a end stop sensor at the bottom, only on top to stop when the build plate rises, how low the build plate goes down is depend on the z reset position in the settings

the heavy duty z axis does not have any difference in operation, although your heavy duty z crashed upwards, indicates that the endstop sensor of your new z axis is not functioning

one way to check the endstop is to lower the build plate manually, and then start the machine. During boot up, try to trigger the sensor by putting something in the gap on the sensor

Both the original plate and the new plate crashed upwards. I believe what was happening was that the crash upwards would cause the z position to be incorrect and then it would not know where to stop correctly when it went back down. Before I changed to the new z-axis I was sometimes able to print by reseting the z reset position before every print.
How do I lower the plate manually? Also where is the sensor so I can attempt to trigger it?

just twist the z axis rod with your hand, the endstop is at the top right of the z axis assembly, you can follow the 2 wires that comes down from the top of the z axis to locate where it is
if that’s not clear enough, i will try to get some pictures for you

The problem has been solved! What happened was that the metal bar that holds the sensor was damaged upon arrival. It had been bent in so that it was not holding the sensor in the correct place. You can kind of see the problem in the photo

I have bent the bar back into place and everything works perfectly now. Thank you for your help!

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