Build Plate and Resin Container Stuck!

After I submitted a print last night, everything seemed to be working correctly (BuildTime/Layers seemed correct - Ive been using this printer successfully for the last 1.5 years) - I checked on the print this morning to find the Build Plate and Resin Container are stuck together. The Arm Motor to lift the Build Plate just keeps clicking trying to lift it up and its clear the Print failed.

I dont know how to detatch the two pieces and i dont want to burn out the lift motor, Does any one have any idea on how this happened? or what I should do to rectify this? Thank you!!

That looks like an unfortunate issue, and I’d be checking all your motor cables, etc after you get the plate and vat out. I think you should be right if you’re careful to undo the bed and slide it forward with the vat and remove both at once.

i’m glad that you posted this before trying to run it over and over
although i have not seen such a case, but i may have a solution that might work
you will do the peeling manually.
(1) Dis-assemble the PM motor from the vat and unscrew the build plate.
(2) try to tilt the vat manually and lightly pull the build plate. the model is quite soft at the moment so it should not be difficult. The problem is the suction it’s having
(3) check for damages