Bubbles on the UV printing plate?


As already mentioned, I have the new Peopoly Phenom.
Unfortunately, there are many bubbles and some scratches on the UV printing plate.

Now my question to you or Peopoly. Is there eibe foil stuck over it and I have to make the first off, or the film was not stuck correctly.

In my opinion, if there are all bubbles on the UV plate, there can go wrong when exposing a lot.

But the printer came to me and I need to know if I can do any pressure or if I have to talk to Peopoly. Because so no new UV plate sated !!!

I appreciate your info

Thank you

There is a protective film over the LCD that is on there to protect the LCD. You can carefully remove the tape around the lcd and carefully remove the protective film over the LCD.

If I remove the protective film then yes no protective film is more available to protect the glass from scratches. And at FEP it’s the same as there are all the scratches on the FEP and I have not even been able to print the brodie print. : /

How long do I have the warranty on my Peopoly Phenom printer?

What about scratching FEP and the scratched protective film from the glass? Do I have to become self-inventive and find a solution myself in the hardware store or is there something else coming from your side?

Have the printer now 1 week and can not print …

Hope to get a nasty answer from Peopoly.

Thank you

If you keep the LCD area clean and install the vat correctly, then it wouldn’t get scratched. The protective layer is kept on there to protect the LCD during shipping.

As long as there is no debris on the LCD or the underside of the VAT, then there wouldnt be anything there to scratch either the LCD or the FEP

as far as not being able to print, I would need a big more information,

and nasty answer?


No please do not misunderstand:)

I just wanted to know if this Foilie comes down or not. And how long I have warranty on the printer.

You are a supper contact, I just wanted to inform me. They have always given me supper help and helped me if I had questions.

I have to mention that I actually speak German, and to write with them I use Google Translate. Often that does not come out what you wiml:)

Thank you