Bubbles in PDMS sheet on FEP Vat

There are air bubbles trapped between the PDMS sheet and the acrylic glass on our FEP Vat for the Moai. We cannot get them to go away.

Will they they interfere with the print? We cannot get anything to print (even after releveling twice) in the original PDMS vat. I know they sell new “Advanced Acrylic Plates” but we just want to see if we can get a successful print out of our replacement Galvos before we dump more money into it when we’ve never had it working properly yet (7 months…). I saw other threads with the same question, but it seems like no one got an answer.

Sorry for the delay in replying. Please contact by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, thank you for your support

I always simply use (preferably clean) compressed air that I blow into one or more of the slots of the acrylic bottom. That will lift up the FEP layer from the acrylic bottom plate AND remove the dust that is capture in between those layers.