Broken Spring Plate(Moai 200)

Hopefully helpful for any Moai 200 owners who may experience a similar issue I did recently…

After a number of times of leveling the VAT, one of the studs on the spring plate broke. I contacted Peopoly who had no solution as they do not offer this part of the machine alone. After much time spent searching, I found one source of suitable replacements, but meant I needed to buy them in bulk. I went ahead and purchased them and went about replacing the broken stud.

These style studs are unique and usually require a special press. Chances are like me, you do not have access to one of these. But you probably have access to some hand tools such as a hammer, socket and a hard surface(preferably a bench vice or similar)to help press out and press in new studs.

I started by supporting the plate, closest to the hole. Supported on my bench vice, I hammered the broken pin out. I proceeded to put the socket on the threaded portion of the stud to support the plate to avoid bending. I pushed the stud into the hole and got it into place and gave it a few gentle whacks with the hammer and it pressed right in. Make sure the stud is overall straight… Your machine will need to be re-leveled again after these repairs.

If anybody needs these replacement studs, please contact me and I can provide you them for a fair price. There is no other option at this time as it seems Peopoly did not anticipate this happening with these machines.