Broken sd card port fix


I built my moai saturday afternoon and ran into an issue where the SD card reader wouldn’t recognize the card, and would freeze the printer when trying to get to the .gcode files, but I found a way to fix it. If you are having some of the same problems you may have the same issue I had where the pins on the pcb didn’t seem to get soldered quite well enough. I figured I could have sent in a support email to get a replacement, but I am impatient and wanted to try and fix it myself. What I ended up doing gently tugging on the pins I suspected to have bad solder connections, pulled them into alignment with the others and checked to see if any other pins were loose. Next I grabbed my soldering iron and put on a needle tip soldering attachment, then used a small allen wrench to hold down the lower pins of the board and was able to fit the tip of my soldering iron between the front pins just enough to reflow the solder that didn’t have good connections. After doing this I haven’t had any issues with my sd card reader. Just figured I would let anyone know that may have had the same issue with theirs. This may be an obvious fix to some, but I thought for sure it would be much harder to try and re-solder it then it was.


sorry about that @BrettRood

a pic would be great help (but don’t try to remove it as it is in there now).
You can always reach us if it stops working


Thanks Mark! I hope you guys continue to flourish as a company