Bricked Phenom - Need Help

We had a power outage recently and despite being hooked up to an expensive surge protector/UPS my Phenom turned into a large doorstop and won’t turn on. I’ve checked everything over and it’s not getting power to the boards at all. I followed the instructions here: Phenom - Checking Power connection

I have no LEDs coming on. I’ve tried using a secondary power adapter and still get nothing on any of the boards.

Is there a way to check the boards individually or do I need to get a whole new set of boards, is there an internal fuse perhaps? I’ve only had this for maybe 2 months and bought it second hand but love it like it was my first born lol so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, belay that… problem solved. I took a voltmeter to the wires and discovered that the power switch had actually melted inside and one of the contacts was no longer making contact inside the switch. Some quick little jiggery pokery and it’s back up and running. LEDs on all 3 boards.

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