Bricked Phenom after firmware update attempt

I haven’t used my phenom in a long time and attempted to do a firmware update so I could use it with current Chitubox software. I tried to follow this guide:

I downloaded the zip file onto an empty usb thumb drive and extracted the files.

When printing the update.LCD file, I got an unknown file format error, but I kept going since the guide didn’t say it was an issue. When I got far enough to check the printer information, my printer still showed a lower version number than the one in the photo in the guide.

I thought maybe I did something wrong and looked around the forum to see if there was something I should try differently, and I read somewhere that the files needed to be moved to the root directory of the thumb drive instead of the folder they were extracted in and the update.LCD print should run. So I moved the files to the root directory and deleted the zip file and folder. Thinking that might work this time, I turned the printer back on and inserted the thumb drive and the printer beeped several times. The screen and fans did not turn back on either. Did I plug the thumb drive in too soon?

Looking at the hardware troubleshooting section, I’m getting four red LED lights to turn on at the bottom of the printer when I turn on the power. I’ll attach a photo for reference.

So now when I turn the printer on only tiny red LEDs light up, but nothing else happens.

Update: I got it working. I reinserted the usb drive into the port again before turning it on again, but leaving it alone for a minute or two longer and the screen came back on this time. I restarted the firmware installation steps and it looks like everything’s working now.

There is no problem with the device circuit. If you share the firmware version serial number, see if the firmware is updated.