Bluecast x10 success


I haven’t found other information about this so I thought I would post my results.
At first I couldn’t get a print to stick to the build plate. I followed suggestions and sanded the build plate with 80 grit. Then 20% would stick but only on the far left side and the prints were undersized and soft. Eventually I’m now getting good prints every time and they cast just like wax. I follow the same burn out as my normal wax casting.
(I also made 8 initial layers in cura instead of the default 4)
z moto speed 2
PM moto speed 13
z follows 20
z reset position 1880 (it needs to be touching the bottom)
Laser Power 64



Dirk - thanks for posting. just switched to x10 from x5 and am having very soft prints. my laser was at 53 for x5 but upped it to 54 just today. can you post your profile in cura? thanks



I’m using the Moai 100um profile and just changed initial layers to 8 from 4. I use the extra fine settings and change layer height to 0.05 instead of 0.06