We looking into SLA printers for our biotech company. I was wondering if anyone has experience with biocompatible resins in the Moai printer. (Potential third party ones and what settings were used?)
Or resins in general made of materials that can withstand steam sterilization (~125C).


I know that the dental industry has several offerings that are FDA compliant… Are you making medical devices that would be classified by the FDA, or are you making other sorts of things?


We are early stage, but will eventually require FDA clearance. At this point, it is not essential to meet that standard though. The concern is more of ensuring it is compatible in that it could come in contact with cells, animals potentially, or other biomaterials without causing harm and/or leaking.

Experience with Formlabs Dental SG resin n this printer for example would be encouraging for us.


I’d venture to say that you could get just about any of the FormLabs resins to work on the Moai… As long as there isn’t a mismatch in what wavelength the resin is formulated to cure at, I’m sure you could find the right settings to print with it successfully.



I was thinking something similar, but was hoping someone had experience with it. Especially since the Form 2 laser seems to have a higher reported power, I would like to be sure that the biocompatible resin they sell specifically can be fully cured.


Even if there’s a power difference, you can still pump the same amount of energy into an area by adjusting the speed and power… It just might take longer.



Since user can vary the speed of laser movement in Moai, you can always fully cure a resin if you adjust correct settings for it. Moai also has small laser spot radius without using a metal ring to cut off part of the beams so the energy is less spread out. Curing resin is more than just about laser power rating. At this range of application, 150mw is more than enough to cure.

There are quite a few Moai users in medical and bio material research fields for the ability to control UV laser.

The Moai standard resin should handle up to 120C while the hitemp resin handles up to 180C. We don’t send the for bio-compatibility rating because that is not our focus.


Thanks for your reply @peopoly.

Is there a way to potential speak to some of these users you are referring to personally? Or specifically learn what resins they use for what use? It sounds like Moai hi-temp resin should be autoclavable, but that is not the same as biocompatible and more testing/research would have to be done.


as with research, they are pretty tight lip about how they are using it which we can understand. It would be nice to have an open forum for such topic, do you know one for bio materials/biomechnical/nano science?