Big 25cm Dragon print on Moai 200

hey guys, here is a project done recently.

really nice print and by far the best out of the moai 200 yet, gives me confidence to move ahead with the Azathoth project.

Ive recorded a video which I will need to edit but here are some snippettes.


here is the video


awesome print @johnchen, loving it

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Hi Johnchen,
I saw your work on over forum, that’s great.
i have also a MOAI 200.
And I have some questions
how long was your print ?
what’s the heigh ? from what file and slicer ( asura or cura ( very long for me … )
thanks a lot !
Are you happy with this printer ? same queslity as the photon ?

hey sorry I didnt see this,

Yeh, Moai 200 is a good machine, but it is not as easy to use as Photon and the nature of resin printing means the BIGGER the print, the more care and time must be taken into print and model prep.

Print small things on the Photon is easy :slight_smile:
But it is not the same feeling as printing something BIG from the moai 200.
Once you have the printer dialed in, it can be a workhorse.