Beta testing group


So this is just one of those random thoughts that I had today while I was working with the printer but I think it would be really cool if there was some sort of test group made up of the more active users on this forum as well as developers at peopoly that would act as some sort of closed test group that peopoly could push software, firmware, and even things like new resins or hardware modifications out to in order to have them tested before being released on a wider scale. I say this because as I become more involved with the forum I see that there are a select few people on here that seem to constantly be on the site helping other users as well as developing modifications for the hardware itself. There is also a chance that these same people would be able to work in conjunction with the company to come up with concepts and prototypes for other products that could be sold on the site. This is sort of a loose idea that I wanted to bounce off people but I would love to hear thoughts and other ideas that could work in conjunction with this one.


Thank you for volunteering! Could you please go to and see if there is anything missing?! :slight_smile:


I just looked through document and it looks great to me!! I think this will really help people when they are first starting out!

The one thing I did notice, is that under the “Trouble shooting- tilting and peeling” the values for the Z moto speed etc. are still the old defaults. I thought they had been lowered quite a bit since the new firmware 1.15 update.
For the rest it looks great in my opinion.


I just looked and it seems like everything is there. @joostd already pointed out that the settings listed on some of the documents are outdated but I assume that will change with time. One thing I might look at changing is taking some of the solutions that were found on the forum for different problems and add those to the troubleshooting part of the page.


meshmixer settings are updated. if you see anything, please free to point out and we will make an edit