Beksinski tribute mask

Hey guys, long time no post.

Been away from the printer for about 2 months, decided to fire it back up today to print out this sculpt of mine.

Its just the mask for now been printed on the Moai 200.

Fingers crossed!

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annnnd results are in, not bad considering I havent printed anything on the machine for 2 months,
I think I may be undercuring a bit.
80um, so details are a bit washing out with this layer height.
But over all, happy with the result and for a large single print Im pretty happy.


Very awesome print! Excited to see the finished model, love the artwork!

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Very nice, will probably pick up a moai 200 in the future, the 130 barely has the build volume for my parts. How is the 200 been so far, is it as reliable as the 130?

its been OK, you really need to understand how to orientate and support your models correctly.

it is a lot less tolerant then the M130, things really do have to be setup perfectly, you wont get away with mistake.

The nature of FEP technology and the large surface area of the vat means peeling can be hard and cause layer lines.

Small problems are multiplied on such a large form factor machine.

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Well that’s kinda bad, I also never used FEP on my 130, just regular buildplate and PDMS vat and it’s been working great, wonder if using a PDMS vat at that scale would reduce some of the issues on the 200. Maybe they’ll upgrade the printer and make it more reliable, heard that the fep on the Moai is thinner than other printers and thicker fep is more reliable.

Its just my experience on it so far, other M200 owners have dialed it in perfectly :slight_smile:
Same goes for most large resin printers, the bigger it gets the more prone to errors will occur,

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Thanks for the info, right now i’m just using my Moai 130 and an FDM printer, PLA is difficult to postprocess(best option i found is to cover the print in a thin mixture of plaster and then sand) and will try more sandlable brands of PLA, mostly focusing on custom statues right now and the biggest piece is going to be the base even for my FDM printer.

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FDM & Moai 130 is a great combo.
I bought the Moai 200 because I had a job that needed high resolution and large size, the job covered the cost of the printer which was a good deal.

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Cool, yeah SLA and FDM complement each other nicely.

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we want to point out @johnchen helped out us improved the Moai 200 fep vat design. We have added a PDMS layer on the vat as buffer to make it easier to level and the special film to reduce peel force after his initial difficulty with leveling.