Base keeps failing

Hello guys,
May I please have some guidance on how to resolve a base that keeps on ripping at the right side as in picture?
I use the standards V1.18 settings for FEP, with exposure settings adjusted for Moai gray 100 layer height (including PM and Z motor speeds).
Suction is not an issue as model is basically an 80mm diameter cylinder printed upright at a 10-degree tilt. Heater on or off does not make a difference.


Just a guess but given the droopy sagging base it looks like either the resin is not fully curing or something is preventing adhesion to the build platform.
Have you cleaned it with anything that would not let the resin stick or cure. For instance if it had any wet IPA on it that would thin the resin.

Just brainstorming as I’ve not seen this type of fail before.

Also, you might consider small base feet on each support rather than a big raft.

Thanks Gimungus,
Yes I had cleaned it with IPA but that was a long time ago and I wiped it dry with towel and even air dried for about 1 hour. Recent failed prints only required scraping and towel cleaning (without IPA).

To further describe the failure, the base actually sticks to the build plate. The problem is that it separates into 2 sheets midway.

If nothing else that’s a lot of force required to peel a flat block like that off FEP. Any way you can put some holes in the support pad to break it up a little?

I have now switched to Island Base to reduce the peel at base but it is still failing.

Agreed, that’s why I use little feet on my supports and not a raft.
Looks like the raft is delaminating which is weird. I wonder if it’s possible that the Z travel is to high between layers so they don’t stick together well enough.

Can you provide a photo of your settings, and what is the ambient temperature of the room the printer is in? Also did you try double checking the level on the plate to make sure its even and not off on the right side?