Bad surface with Peopily moai 130

Hello everyone, i am new with peopoly moai 130 printer.
My first SLA 3D Printer.
I made a few test:

  • Set all adwised configuration readed on peopoly website.
  • Calibration with the circle.
  • Calibration with the cilider heigh, that to calibrate the screw of the resin vat.
  • Install Cura 3.5.1 and import moai 130 pofile.
  • Try to check for the correct laser power, that for black resin, for me is 57.
  • Cleaned the protecting glass of the laser.
  • start to do some prints using the ring file (and here start the issue).
    The issue is that the surface of the ring is not perfekt, but have an uneven surface (see photo below).
    I try to change some paramethers for exaple the laser power, i try 55, 56, 57, 58, but nothing changed.
    I have still a bad surface.
    Somebody have the same issue or know how can help me?
    At the moment i am using the moai configuation on Cura 3.5.1 with the layer heigh of 0.1mm.

the ring gcode is pre-sliced so you don’t have to slice it your self
did you place it at the corner ? if so try to place it in the center, it’s currently almost out of the print area

Hello, thank you a lot for the answer!
I used your sliced file that i have downloaded from you google drive link. It is positioned on the left part of the buildplate (when the buildplate is mounted).
So it is exactly on the center of the left side.
The result is the photo i posted yesterday.
The piece on the photo is positioned in another palace whi i removed the support so i moved it.
The ring is printed with peopoly black resin with a laser power of 58 (sorry, is not 57, yesterday i write it wrong).

sorry for the late reply, at least the ring is printed with the right laser power
i suggest give the ring another go to see the “failed” part is consistent

Hello, no problem!
I try to print the ring something like 4 time but every time i have the same result!
Mybe i have some other printer setting wrong?
I post here my printer settings:

I would start by checking Z shifting. Start with the build plate arm. Grab the frame of the Moai and the Build plate arm and move it. It shouldn’t move or have any give. Check the vat in place and move it the same. It should not move though there is some give you want to eliminate it as much as possible.

If this is the same STL that I have from Peopoly you’re also missing the foundation and additional supports that come with the file. If you put the supports on yourself there is no X/Y support allowing the whole thing to wobble while printing.
Lastly, it’s close to the edge there may be refracting on the FEP. If you’re using PDMS check that you have disable Z Follows. This will push the model into the vat and that close to the Green area (assuming you’re printing in the green) will cause distortion. I personally turned Z follows off on all prints.

Sorry for the late reply,
there are a few settings i would like you to change
PM reset position : 60
Z follows : 2
PM motor speed : 12

Hello, sorry for late reply.
I read you adwise, i try with the settings you adwise me, but nothing, the quality is exactly the same, the only thing i can do is try to change the FEP film, i something like 1 month that i am using the same, but i don’t see any d’amare on it!

Hello Peopolysupport, i read you settings adwise, today I made a test. At first i download a second time the ring from your website to be sure the file is not corrupted. Than i change the settings with that you adwise me. But nothing, the quality seems to be worst than before!
The supports don’t stick on the piece, and the surface is completely full of signs.
But i have something good to say, the bad layer on the surface seems to be distributed on all the surface evenly. So that can be caused from the support that do not stick on the piece.
What can i try at first to fix the support probelm?

This is from the downloaded file? I can’t remember what resolution it was from but slice it with Asura at a value somewhere around 50um. If you’re using cura use their default profile at a resolution around 50. I’m using Cura 4.8 and it’s fine for this.
Running 0.1mm or 100um resolution is problematic with modeling resin. It looks like modeling resin. If you’re using DLP resin for this then something else is very wrong. Do you have a good PDMS vat? Just switch to it if you do and see what happens.
When you set your Z Reset Position does the center screw wobble?
Check these things and see what happens.

@TMcCaine base on his settings, it’s most likely he is using Peopoly black model resin
@FR20 the problem lies in the peeling motion, try to “play” around with the z reset position to find that sweet spot for your FEP, just decrease or increase 1-2 values at a time. From the holes on the ring we know that the laser power is good. If you are using firmware version 1.2 you can set the z follows below 0 to try with z lift

The ring is more or less 27 mm height, the printer need to do 276 layer, so i deduce that the original ring file presliced from peopoly is with a layer heigh of 100um. At the moment i am using original Peopoly resin, a new bottle and my printer have mounted the alluminium vat!
I try to check some time ago if the builplate is movimento left to right during printing, but not, all the screw are perfekt!
The only thing i can try is to slice myself the ring vita a resolution of 50um like you adwise!

Hello, now i am making some test changing the Z reset position, in some hour i post the result here!, but i dont understand the Z follow point, what is z follow for?

This is my first test with z reset on 1814, i think go in a lower value is not a good idea, now i try to increse it, then i post the result!

Going higher on Z Reset pushes it further into the vat. It’s adjustment helps with first layer adhesion and doesn’t impact the rest of the model that much. This might help with the supports, but since you have the printed baseplate I think the issue is layer height.

Do you have the EZ Level build plate? I had this exact problem with the original plate and switched to the EZ Level with no other modifications except the Z Reset position and it worked. I was not able to explain why that worked, but I use the EZ Level for all prints.

Thak you a lot for the reply and the time you are speding to help me!
Now i start a print with 1818 and see whats happening!
Now i have the old builplate i think, it is a block of alluminium, for EZ buildplate what do you mean?, the thin alluminium plate?, thay in these link?

Here are the result with z reset on 1818, still a bad quality, some supports are missing, but i can not increase more the z reset why have possibility that the platform crack my vat!, when i star the print with 1818 I hear a “tak” whi the platform make a collision with the vat.
Now i post the result and a photo of my platform for @TMcCaine

Yes. That makes a lot of things a lot easier when printing. Once your Vat is leveled to the large block build-plate the EZ Level eliminates a lot of minor inconsistencies. I don’t know if it’ll help you in this situation, but it has helped me especially when switching from PDMS and FEP regularly.