Azathoth the god of chaos

Kicking off a new project, this is my sculpt of the god Azathoth from the world of HP Lovecraft.

Sculpt is done, now to print enginerring.

What do you guys think? Should I print each teeth separately? and glue them in after?


The Azathoth, which is the demon sultan and the nuclear chaos - greatest of all gods - origin of being and nonbeing.

Impressive :astonished:

After eating, brushing teeth not forget

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personally i think if you orient it a bit you won’t have to print the teeth separately, but maybe the tentacle should be

If you are airbrushing it I would print the Big teeth separately and do some dry brushing on the small teeth. That way you can get more details into the teeth easier with the paint if this is on a smaller scale.

Just hot glue some toothpicks on the bottom of them and stick it into some foam and you’ll be all set :smiley:

The structure is so compact that, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with printing it as a whole. Namely from back to front, then the little teeth need no support. This saves the huge effort with extra printing, assign, glue and so on.

How big should it be?

I want to print it as big as I can on the Moai 200 lol…

So this happened on the weekend :slight_smile:
around 50 hours and 400ml of resin.

76756979_2856116941089918_3367511211993202688_o 77255344_2857063797661899_5343395613549527040_o

on your first photo, even the resin looks mystical… So far its coming out amazing!

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All parts printed without issues, next up a bit of support cleanup / gluing & priming.

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Where the mouth goes… I got a laugh thinking if one one of those old school globe web cameras were in there and you could control it and have it look like an eye. Then put it out by your front door so you could see who is at the door… It would scare away any door to door salesman :slight_smile:

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