Availability of parts for Moai 130 and future support

Update: The question is now resolved.

Hello Gillza,

you originally asked peopoly about the price of the standard laser module and the availability of other parts. Which solution did you come?

Many are interested in the spare parts question for the Moais.

Many spare parts can be order directly from the website.
We are still making Moai so the parts are available. Parts for Moai 200 are also available

This maybe a naive question but im curious if the intent is to fully focus on the MSLA technology for future Peoploly printers or are there still plans to make Laser SLA printers in the future?

How long are you planning on supporting Moai 130 line?

Basically the price is what it is despite the availability of the higher-powered modules at the same price. I was confused and thought 200$ is a deterrent from people purchasing the modules and using it for burning laser pointers or something else. I bought 405nm laser diodes in modules with optics before, and they did not come close to 200$ before. So I thought that even if peopoly has to get special ones with low divergence single mode (TEM00) and special optics they cant be that pricey. I guess I was wrong.

I was also feeling that Peopoly has deprioritized Moai 130 line significantly and felt upset while writing the OP. So I later removed the original message to not sound petty.

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Hello. Does Peopoly produce the lasers or someone else? Is there any wiring diagrams available for the laser?