Auto resin refill


Hello everyone,

I just got a new Moai 130 and want to let it run without the need to be there and refill it so I’m looking for a way to get an automatic refill.

Has anyone made something like this or do you have any idea?



If you fill the vat up until the fill line (silicone vat) you don’t run out of resin during the print. I have never been even close to running out of resin and I print big objects maxing out XYZ. The objects are hollow so the resin consumption is surprisingly low.



In order to avoid any catastrophic failure while the dispensing the resin I would avoid a hole at the bottom of the bottle or a cap replacement with the bottle upside down. One thing that I may consider is a peristaltic pump, these kind of pumps can move liquids of a wide range of viscosity and aggressiveness, you just have to use the right tubing.

These pumps are often used in harsh/strict industrial environment and for whatever reason the manufacturers have been able to convince people that they are complex, highly technical stuff worth thousands of bucks… when it’s just a few rollers, an axle, a motor and a tube. Things like that would work very well :

There are similarly priced models with a stepper motor for more precise dosing, not that you would need this in particular.

Now the trick is to control the motor. A closed-loop system would be great but optical/dielectric detection isn’t very reliable/precise in this situation. Ideally you would weight the vat but that would be a pretty big alteration of the Moai’s design. Another simple open-loop solution is an systematic refill operation after X amount of layers printed, but that would have to be programmed on a per-print basis. Simpler still, a single refill operation in the middle-end of the print based on a timer.

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Ok but my first objects are solid because over wise there would be multiple bubbles inside the print or is this ok?



All cavities in a model must at least have a drain hole placed at the beginning of the cavity (where the cavity starts to print) to avoid succion effect and trapped resin.



If you print small objects not covering a big area in the X/Y plane then you can print them solid (70% infill).