Ausra drain holes


hey peps, i’m wondering why the hole function is attached to the hollow function?
i need to put holes in objects that are already hollow but it will hollow the hollow!
and there’s no way to have these objects solid as they have a lattice structure in them.
i would use mesh mixer but it destroys the polygons in the shape when using bullion difference.

HHHHHEEELLLP other programs are a pain to export import, all i want are drain holes!



can you upload the pictures of the model?
if the model is not very complex, use TinkerCAD to make your own holes, it’s online and easy to use
there are different ways but i need to know how the model is structured or if it really need drain holes



is it not possible to code the tool to have a “make hole to depth of x” just like it is without the hollow? how i did it today was shrink the model then hollow at 10mm thick walls and carefully place the 10mm long hole rod then update the model. works like a charm and is printing with full lattice structure inside the model but seriously anther tool just to put two holes in an already hollowed model?
these modes i’m working with have a few million polygons in them just to get a smoother look to the finished product and add the a couple more million for the lattice structure and 16GB ram is not enough.



this shot shows how asura destroys the structure if it has a lattice infill.



and this shot is when i make the wall thickness 10mm and it works for this size model but is very hard to get the tube to avoid the lattice or poke a hole right through the object.
it takes about 5 min for asura to load this particular object and rotating it is slow too but it is printing.
it goes to show that with a mod on the Asura software there would be the ability to simply drill holes without hollowing taking up valuable ram resources.



and this is wire frame mode in mesh mixer which is where i do all my work if i can and the coding of this program is good but will screw with low poli objects when bullion difference tool is used on the hollowed object



this object is a low poli outside with a very high poli hollow and lattice structure



wire frame of the inside hollow using a clear shadier



clear shader to show inside lattice. the reason its grid is so close is to avoid pockets in the tight areas inside the hollow making it one hollow instead of three.



as you can see the boolean hole is beautiful but in the process it has thrown everything else off where as asura does not do this.



this shows how many holes i can put in a model with asura and yea i had to walk away and let it do its thing



and this shows asura had no problem making the holes without destroying the model like mesh mixer did.

it goes to show that my life and others would benefit from having a hole tool without the hollow tool in asura. thanks! in advance.



this tool is currently not available at this version of Asura, but we’ve added to our to-do list

it would be possible to have drain holes using softwares that can manipulate on finished CAD (like tinkerCAD for example)

if you add hollow feature to a already hollowed model, it will make weird thin walls inside the model where the pre-hollowed space becomes an infill, you can check this out your self by saving the double hollowed model to .stl and view it in slice-view in Cura