Asura's supports


Hello dear Moai users.

I come with a bit of a problem regarding Asura’s supports. Not about its placement (or lack thereof) in auto-generation, but about how they are exported in gcode.

here is the situation:

I am using Asura 2.2.3
I want to print this:

So, I put it on the sd, start the moai, come some time later, and… I get this:

As you can see, the supports that were supposed to be a lot of small struts under the head/shoulders are a big single block. This is nice in terms of sturdyness, sure, but… I can’t remove it.
Curious about what/how/why, I loaded the gcode in a viewer (ideamaker), and saw this:
As you can see, it reproduce quite well what I got printed: a big chunk instead of small supports.

To check, I took again the original stl, added a few supports in asura, sliced it, and opened the gcode, here it is:

In contrast, if I make supports in another soft (chitubox here), import it and slice with the same parameters, I get a nice and correct gcode:

Has anyone experienced something similar? Am I doing something wrong?



Sorry, I just saw the topic is already opened here: Asura Supports joined (ISSUE)


Asura Supports joined (ISSUE)

Hello @totoreador Thank you for the PM. I have sliced the file myself and received the same results as you. I have forwarded this to the Asura Dev and to the rest of the support team. I will keep you posted on the issue at hand and let you know what I hear back.



I recommend ChiTuBox for support generation. Asura is awful at supports. They don’t touch the model correctly and can randomly be either floating or so deeply embedded that you have to cut off detail to get rid of the support. The base of the supports in Asura are impossible to get a scrapper under. And just the overall placement of them leaves so much unsupported shelves…

ChiTuBox does significantly better at every aspect of supports.