Asura3D Problem Generating preview of hollow


I am using Asura3D 2.2.2 on a Windows 10 computer.

Once I load my STL and click the button for Hollow and Holes, a dialog box and progress bar appears with the message “Generating preview of hollow…”. It has now been sitting at 1% for over an hour. Also, the software appears to be locked and won’t let me close the preview or select any other features.

Can I disable this preview feature?

A screenshot of the message it attached.

There is no option to my knowledge to turn the preview off just the transparency in the “view” tab. I would though, suggest using the newer 2.2.3 in place of 2.2.2. There has been a lot of updates since that version. You probably know that though, but just in case, below is the link where you can get it and find more information.

Hope this helps

Thank you, I tried 2.2.3 but experienced the same problem.

I am unable to use the Hollow and Holes feature. The program completely locks at that point shown in my previous screenshot. Is this a know issue?

Thank you,

Brian Cox

I have had a similar problem on my windows PC with both Asura and ChiTuBox. I have since fixed that by not running the program with fully maximised window. I can resize the window to nearly full screen and it works fine. Just not fully maximised. I don’t know why but I guess it has to do with my PC or windows 10 build.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately running in a partial window didn’t do the trick for me.

For now, I’m generating supports in Asura, saving as an STL and then slicing in Cura.


I just downloaded and ran the 2.2.3 and it locks up on the hollow preview same as this thread is describing. Yesterday I had the same problem in 2.2.1 and was hoping this would solve it.
Running it in a partial window also didn’t change. Also running it in Windows10.
If anything 2.2.1 got further as it seemed to work with one object to add holes, but locked up with I added another object and tried to add holes to it. 2.2.3 locked up immediately with only one object (stl) inserted.

try to import both files first and then select each of them to makes holes and hollow

Did that before, and just retried: opened stl for 20mm resin saver cube, opened 2nd 20mm resin saver cube, selected one only as both were selected when 2nd one opened. Went to hollow with only one highlighted and as soon as I clicked on hollow icon — stuck in generating preview of hollow… have to crash it to get out.

Also just tried it with only one resin saver cube stl open and same result, stuck in generating preview of hollow

i reported the bug, for now you can hollow and add supports to each and then slice it with Asura,
we will try to have this fix ASAP

Hi, for my part I get the same problem in a very particular case. I get the same freeze when hollowing when I try to print a very small object. The reason was that the offset by default (2mm) was too thick for may small object. if I increase the size then hollong works fine. I have test and with a 6mm size for Y then it’s fine for an offset of 2.8 or less but if I choose 2.9 or more then hollowing freeze on 1%… so for my particular case the offset have to be less than half of the smaller offset (x,y,z). Then it’s possible to first increase the size of the object, then decrease the offset (a little!), then change the scale to the original size and at least you could hollowing without freezing if offset is less than half of the smaller xyz. I’m conscious that it’s a very particular case (due to the small size) but for me it works.
Peopoly team is it possible to add a little check in next asura release in order to avoid the freeze by comparing the smaller x y or z with the offset value ( freeze occured when the offset is a little less than half of the smaller x y z size). hope these help. Bye

Can you please go here
and download the Asura 2.2.4 20191102 version. That is the latest beta version that is being worked on to correct some bugs. The ETA on print time is still being worked on.

If you could please use that version and then let us know the results.
Thank you

Hi, I just test beta 20191102 and for my particular case nothing is change. If the offset of hollowing is too big for xyz size the hollowing freeze exactly like before. I suppose that an automatic check have to be include something like (if smallest size is (value) then offset default is (value/2,2). I suggest 2,2 because I have try following.
smallest value =3 hollowing works fine if offset is less or equal to 1,42 and it freeze with 1,43 or higher.
3 / 1,42 = 2,11 (2,2 for more security). Hope this will help. Have a nice day.

can you please provide screen shots and what you wrote here to and it will be forwarded over to the programer.

Thank you

I have run others tests and I confirm that if the smallest size (xyz) is under 4,15 mm then you will get asura freezing only by clicking on hollow icon (automatic launch). Same problem if you increase the offset and if the smallest dimension (xyz) is not 2.2 time the offset value (but then the freeze will ocurred only by clicking on update button). Bye.

Thank you, it will be forwarded over to them and they will answer you via email.