Asura3D Freezes on open

Been using Asura for a while but then all of the sudden yesterday everytime I open the program it will open, the window is mostly white with the navigation for Asura loaded but then the window is just frozen and I have to force quite. I have rebooted with no change, then i redownloaded it and put the directory in another location and still same result. that makes me thing there are temp file someone maybe in %appdata% or something like that and may be corrupted. Any advice on how to get this working. Or is there a Way to use Chitubox to slice for a moai 130?

Chitubox cannot slice for the moai as it’s made for slicing for MSLA devices using a screen or protector to print.

As for getting Asura or something else to work, for Asura I would suggest trying to root out everything before reinstalling to see if that works better for you, but there is also a cura profile built in for the Moai, and you can also use formware slicer that’s been talked about a few times.

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You can try to delete the data of previous Asura before downloading the new one
usually it’s stored in C:\ProgramData\Peopoly . You can delete the whole peopoly folder