Asura won't open STL files

Is there anyone that is having or has had problems opening STL files in Asura? I downloaded 2.22 and 2.23 beta but have the same problem with both. Before using 2.23, I deleted all 2.22 files and restarted my computer. Also noticed that with both versions, the model work area black, background and Moia text is not there, just a white area. When I attempt to open STL, it displays a ‘import file’ progress bar that the 2 or 3 times it moved (usually stay at 0%) it never goes past 18%. The computer I’m using is a Dell Latitude E5520 with Windows 7, i5 2.50 GHz processor and 6GB of RAM.

it seems you may have mixed files. Start over with a clean directoy (you wouldn’t need to register again). and see how it works out. We have not heard this issue with 2.2.3

Thanks for the reply. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the ‘directory’. Do you mean the folder I created to unzipped the Asura files to? I deleted the folder I initially created, restarted my computer, created a new folder, downloaded Asura 2.23 beta, unzipped it to the new folder, restarted the computer again. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

im having the same problem, loads files to 60% then crashes every time

I was never able to get it working on my laptop, so I loaded Asura onto my desktop pc with the same OS and it works. Really need it on my laptop though.

which version of Asura are you using? are you using windows or OSX? have you tried download other version?