Asura won’t import models

I’m using Asura 2.24 2091107 on pc.
Within the last week I can no longer open any .stl files in it.
I just get a perpetual hourglass icon and Asura says Not Responding.
I’ve deleted and redownloaded Asura with no luck.
Nothing major has changed on my pc recently that I’m aware of.
I think the issue must be on my pc end but I can’t figure out what might cause this since Asura doesn’t seem to install but rather act like a standalone app. The application is in the original folder with all of its native components.
Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear your question, please email to contact, peopoly technical team is already following up. Thanks for your support

hi, sorry about the issue. There was a library expired. we have updated the program to 2.2.5:

That did it!
Thanks for the quick fix.

Hi folks,
I have exacltly the same problem after some weeks of abstinece.
Is it necessary to unistall Asura 2.2.4 before install Asura 2.2.5?
Thanks for a short response.

Best regards, Bernd

You don’t need to uninstall, all the running files is in the library folder so you can just download and run