Asura - trouble loading multiple files of the same part

I am having trouble loading multiple files of the same part in Asura. I guess the first question should be: Is there a way to multiply a loaded STL file on the print bed? I have been loading the file in Asura multiple times to print a batch of the same parts. There must be a better way! Problem is after I have loaded several of the same parts they start to come in on top of (or inside of) parts that are already loaded on the print bed. I does not seem to be related to file size. I can load multiple different files, it seems to be something about the same file that confuses it. I have tried moving the part before I load the next one but that does not help. I have tried alternating different files but that does not help either. Sometimes the file doesn’t load inside another part, it just doesn’t show in the display, but it will print in some random location like half the model is in the bed (I guess I should start printing “selected” not “All”).

This was happening in 2.2.1. It is still happening in 2.2.4

Any help would be appreciated,


Asura has a fair few problems…
I’ve noticed specifically large files cause these issues way more than smaller files.

One workaround is to import everything into something like Chitu, position, export as an stl and then import that into Asura.

I’ve also noticed that the selection of objects in asura can be pretty broken at times, clicking off should deselect but there is often one that will not be deselected at all.

As per some other discussions, formware seems to be doing a better job at a lot of things. I’ve only used it once and had some issues with it, but others seem to be getting decent results.

@CBC Asura doesn’t have “multiply” feature yet, for now you would have to load the files and arrange them in Cura, export to a new stl file and load back in Asura