Asura software - Updated 4/26/2019 - improved performance, bug fixes and new profiles

Asura 2.2.2 UPDATED 4/26/2019

4/26/2019 Version 2.2.2

  • Bug fixes for project function, support generation, view

  • Added Calibration profile for Moai 200

  • Update Slicer Profiles for Moai 130 and 200

  • Updated Support Parameter Generation

  • Updated Asura guide for distortion adjustment

Full info:

You can find Windows-based beta program and the user guide here:
*best to do a clean install instead of overwriting old files.

Feedback is welcomed and please post here.


count me in as a beta tester!

any chance to make it opensource so we could help developing it?


Naturally i am interrested to join

Excited to see what you’ve come up with!

I am interested, count on me

I’m in, it’s good for Moai to have it’s own custom tailored software.

I have been waiting for this I’m in

I’m in also! I need more characters to post so here are a few more.

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Yeah, this is what we need. The constant back and forth between different programs is getting monotonous.

Count me in as a beta tester!!

Count me in. I’m interested to test the software as well. FYI: I work on mac.

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yes yes yes beta user in!

ill check it out too

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I am interested, count on me

hi guys, the top post has been updated with links


first little bug…

Opens up into small screen…

Windows 10 updated
Intel core i7
Gforce 1080 ti
4k monitor

Initial impression:
I really really really love the color scheme… its easy on the eyes and easy to navigate the model. I also love the simplicity of it!! No glitching so far (other than posted picture). It seems to be generating supports in all the right places. I have a test print going now… will update on outcome and settings used.

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features request:

  • relative and absolute transform (not just relative to the last modification but absolute to the world)
  • possibility to snap both mm and angles (by 1mm and 5° I’d say)
  • of course manual supports with a line on the model indicating the current layer
  • the transform widget it’s just perfect! we just also need an option to manually add values


  • sometimes the view doesn’t update after you generated (or cleared) the supports. you have to move/zoom/rotate the viewport to see the changes


  • why generate can’t just “clear” the previous supports first? I guess to mix multiple auto-generated support but in my experience that hardly happens. It’s more a auto-generate + add some manual support
  • you are using QT5, linux version coming?

keep up the good work!

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thanks. also need feedback on how well the auto support works in catching hard to print stuff.

generate does auto clear previous, at least that is what I intended to do.

At 5% density it definitely tries to be through!! Probably a little too much. What are default settings for angle and density? Is there a way to reset to default?

Wish list so far: change base radius size, restore settings to default, probably a few others will come to mind…

bugs: Program opens up into small window (minor annoyance). Supports at 45 degree sometimes generate in odd locations supporting minor details (which really dont need support), also placing some supports too close to the model. There are some random hanging supports. Also not generating cross support (3rd image) unless I really up the density (maybe not a bug but rather a wish list item):grin:.
For reference… the 3rd screenshot is comparing the supports with ChiTu (on the right) with roughly the same settings. EXCEPT… I had internal supports enabled on Azure…

That is it for now… looking good, and look forward to new features. It would be nice to have one interface for hollow, supports, slice, etc.

Good job so far.

You asked for it!

This is a model I use to stress test auto-generated supports. I was able to print this model ONLY with manual supports and a lot of time.


This might not be the best angle but anyway the software should be able to generate supports in the key spots.

Asura makes generally a god job, but the print wouldn’t come out perfect.

First error I noticed is that it generates a lot of hanging supports


Then even with high density supports a lot of bits are left unsupported.

The leaf here would partially fail


Hands here would benefit of a little support


I tried to up the supports density and angle to the max but still some spots are missing and the print would come out crippled


I understand that this is a very small and complicated model and that more orientations should be tested… but still it’s with complicated 3d models that we spend more time generating supports.

That being said, the support generation is not terrible and on par with similar products. For example Chitu makes a much worse support structure than Asura on that specific model.

PS: if you want to test with the same model you can grab it on thingiverse

More tests.

It seems it generates quite a few flying supports. I would try to solve that as first thing. Also some features are often unsopported


I noticed that it tends to over support certain areas


while ignoring others