Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


I just get these missing DLL messages…


This is what you are missing. However, if you have Cura, you should have had it installed by default.


i have Cura on my Mac where i would like to do everything.
but it seems that isn’t going to be possible for a while…

i hate windows because of the mess, like this


perhaps you can catch these errors and notify people they need this or cura to be installed first. I was considering looking at cura 3 beta and mods to be on the latest, so ill do that first and come back to thing.

thank you for such a nice machine! the hardware is really well designed! :slight_smile:


Ok getting the Cura Moai 341 beta installed resolved the DLL issue! thanks. (i did install the VS stuff)

New issue to report. Windows 10 on my system uses High DPI on a 27-inch (5120 x 2880) monitor. (scaled to 450%)


you will have to disable DPI scaling, right click the program, properties and in compatibility tab check the box that disables scaling, and problem solved


thanks, had to enable Hi DIPI scaling override system or system (Enhanced) thanks for the tip that should help.


To clarify a bit on this, runtime errors like that can’t be really be catched by the application because they occur before the binary starts its proper execution. Usually the runtimes are provided by the installer for the application so it should be a non-issue once they make a proper installer for Asura.


Asura Beta is now updated. Use the same link above to download

New Features:

It is free but now requires email activation. No installation is needed. This is pre-release beta and may get updated shortly based on feedback


the software is becoming a really powerful tool, thanks for the continued effort @peopoly

the hollowing is a godsend! I noticed that sometimes it fails to create the hole (it leaves a cylinder where we should have a hole). Also the mesh complexity slider doesn’t seem to work.

Apart from that there are still 2 features that are missing and that prevent me to actually use the software:

  1. the bottom tip of inside supports is really bad and sometimes you just can’t use asura for that reason
  2. manually placing support without a layer indication on the Z axis is often impossible

  1. got a screen shot or a way that I can replicated for the holes?
  2. how is the base of internal support bad? like in what specific way?
  3. working on that

  1. it’s very random, I’ll post a screenshot as soon as it happens again
  2. bottom tip supports are really bad on average :stuck_out_tongue:




Is there any intention of porting Asura to Linux?


Yes, linux and OSX will be ported when features are more polished


updated with bug fixes, including mesh density



asura asked again for registration, is that normal? maybe you could add an option to re-insert the code you’ve already given.

A minor thing, until in alpha/beta the version number that should update it’s the third one, not the second (1.0.1 > 1.0.2, not 1.0 > 1.1). Third number is for bug fixes, second for new features.


various issues:

  • [bug] when creating a “new” scene, the scale factor doesn’t reset to 100% if you previously changed it
  • [feature] add option to “keep proportion” when resizing by dimensions (not factor)
  • [feature] you probably also need an option to reset the scale to the default. if you make some mistakes you have to start over
  • [feature/bug] you can’t modify the holes once placed on the model (move and remove them)
  • [bug] sometimes the taper on the internal bottom tip is too wide and it hits the model. Sometimes you can work something out by changing position or orientation but I believe you should change the tip size based on the shape of the model


Same as @matt3o, i dont use the software more often because of the internal supports.

It would be nice to be able to choose where the support base will attach to like we do it in B9. Right now we can only choose where the tip will touch the model.

Here are a few screens of the issue:


thanks for hollow and holes,next is auto orientation.
A suggestion for holes,it will be usefull to choose different siez of all for each holes not only for all.


Hi there. I downloaded Asura 1.1.0 a couple of weeks ago and today finally got a chance to use it. Was able to open it, generate supports and then edit them so that they didn’t cover important detail. Then saw I could download " *latest update 7/24/2018 (Version 1.2)". The software is telling me that it is version 1.5 on the about page. It’s also asking me to register, but unfortunately it’s failing on the registration, so I can’t continue.

My internet connection is active.